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I had my first Basque Potato Tortilla in Barcelona and I've never looked at eggs and potato the same way again. These days I'm feeling the urge to pack y bags and hit the open road, and since I can't make that dream a reality, I'm reliving my adventures through the food that I cook. Today I'm feeling the lure of Spain and Basque cuisine. Viva España!

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I've been hearing a lot about Filipino food recently, even in my neck of the woods - the burbs - Filipino restaurants are popping up everywhere. When the call went out to participate in the McCormick #OnlineCookOff challenge using Filipino inspired spices, I put my hand up wanting to learn a bit more about how to use these ingredients. I adapted these lamb meatballs and included some adobo seasoning, and was very pleased with the results.

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Ever have a crazy for sweet and crunchy American-style Chinese food? Everyone once in a while I do, so I experiment and make my own, usually when I'm feeling too lazy to run around and find a "good" restaurant. When that craving hits, I usually go for takeout but with the recent closure of my favourite takeout place I improved and made this dish instead.