Spring is valiantly trying to make its way here but winter seems to be very hesitant to let go. The days are longer and sunny but cold, so I haven’t quite given up making stews. This is my take on a Pisto Manchego which we're eating quite regularly at the Olive & Ruby homestead.

Sun., Apr 27 • 1 comment(s)

For weeks I’ve been dancing around my craving for fried chicken, today I crumbled and made the most delicious buttermilk fried chicken wings I’ve ever had. Hey don't just take my word on this, give this recipe a try and you'll be saying the same thing also.

Sat., Apr 26 • 11 comment(s)

We are on a bread making roll – pun intended – here at Olive and Ruby. It’s been a tough couple of weeks at work, and nothings more liberating that coming home and kneading all of my stress away. On lazy days, and yup I have them, I love the ease of a good no-knead bread recipe. Add some olives and you've got a bread worthy of any high end bakery.

Fri., Apr 18 • 38 comment(s)

I had some friends over for dinner recently and they asked me to "whip up" a batch of jerk chicken wings. They like spicy foods but neither of them are good cooks so when they have a craving they give me a call, and because they are REALLY good friends I indulge them and their cravings.

Mon., Apr 14 • 19 comment(s)

Ever since my trip to Paris last fall, my love affair with rustic breads has grown exponentially and I'm trying really hard to make sure that waistline isn't growing at the same pace as well. I've been trying to perfect a basic rustic bread recipe and so far, so good. Goodbye French bakery, hello oven - okay i'm not quite there yet.

Sun., Apr 13 • 1 comment(s)

I've been on a quest to find healthy alternatives for fried chicken, because I've been craving it for a while. As the weather gets warmer I start thinking about doing more things outdoors and that means bbqs and picnics and all kinds of great eating. These are easy to make, and easy to clean up and are a good alternative to a batter crusted fried chicken.

Tue., Apr 8 • 9 comment(s)


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