I've been hearing a lot about Filipino food recently, even in my neck of the woods - the burbs - Filipino restaurants are popping up everywhere. When the call went out to participate in the McCormick #OnlineCookOff challenge using Filipino inspired spices, I put my hand up wanting to learn a bit more about how to use these ingredients. I adapted these lamb meatballs and included some adobo seasoning, and was very pleased with the results.

Sat., Jul 19 • 12 comment(s)

Let them eat cake, as long as it's the cake that I made. Every couple of weeks we have a big family Sunday dinner with my brother and his family. It's not a formal dinner but usually the combining of two separate dinners where everyone can usually find something tasty to eat. At our last combined dinner I made a chocolate marble cake which both the kids and adults loved. Another hit for Auntie Rhonda - yay!!!

Tue., Jul 15 • 1 comment(s)

Lots of different tropical fruit are in season, so for this week’s Ice Cream Sunday and World Cup Finale – I decided to make a Mango Custard Ice Cream. I was backing Argentina after Costa Rica got the boot, so tonight I’m consoling myself tonight with scoops and scoops of this sweet treat.

Sun., Jul 13 • 0 comment(s)

I'm not a big fan of foods with coconut in it, except for coconut ice cream. This creamy, sweet treat is just one of many tropical fruits that I periodically make ice cream and sorbets with. On this ice cream Sunday I've taken a page of Grandma Olive's cookbook and made my dad's favourite iced treat.

Sun., Jul 6 • 0 comment(s)

It’s finally hot and it definitely feels like summer with Canada Day fast approaching. In today's ice cream Sunday, I've combined summer fruits and sweet treats together for a guilt free snack. Yay me and yay hot weather! Bring it on.

Sun., Jun 29 • 0 comment(s)

Here's a quick, easy yet tasty meal that you can get on the table in about 30 minutes. Big, juicy shrimp coated in a tasty curry sauce which can be adjusted to be as spicy or mild as your taste buds can handle. This is an old family favourite that I hope you enjoy.

Mon., Jun 23 • 33 comment(s)


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