Blueberries were on sale this week so I bought a whooooole bunch. I feel some new blueberry inspired recipes coming on...

Tue., May 22 • 4 comment(s)

Who can resist? This is the ultimate in comfort food complete with homemade caramel sauce! Again this is one of those dishes that I dared not make if we're not having people over. Nom, Nom!

Thu., May 17 • 20 comment(s)

I dare you not to try this recipe and fall in love with the taste, and how easy it is to make. This was one of the earliest recipes that I made and shared with family and friends, now everyone wants me to bring this to every event that I go to.

Thu., Apr 26 • 1 comment(s)

My connection to Canada started long before I had any plans to live here. As a child, ate salted cod aka "salt fish" a couple times a year. There were many ways that it was prepared but this is one of my favourite ways. It's the perfect snack with a few ahem cocktails, or it's a great snack for a day at the beach.

Fri., Apr 13 • 9,329 comment(s)

I've been teaching my niece and nephew how to make these. They love to add all sorts of added sweets like smarties or M&M's for an extra special treat.

Tue., Apr 10 • 0 comment(s)


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