Quick Snapshot of Monday night's dinner before it went into the oven.

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This blog could only have one name because if it wasn't for these two women I wouldn't be here and there'd be no blog. C'mon in and read my story.

Thu., Apr 18 • 7 comment(s)

That'll be a Swiss Roll thank you very much. Well last Saturday was my last class for Baking Arts 1. There are 2 more classes to go, but I’ve got other commitments, so last Saturday was my last class. We made Swiss rolls and we had the option of covering them with icing sugar or covering them with whipped topping.

Sun., Mar 24 • 0 comment(s)

Chocolate cake, kirsch, cherry filling, maraschino cherries and whipped topping – It could only be one thing – Black Forest Cake! We’re heading into the home stretch of the course now, with only three more classes to go. Due to a couple of conflicts, next week will be my last class. I’m already looking ahead though for what I want to take next. This was the class that I was dreading and my worst fears came true somewhat.

Fri., Mar 22 • 2 comment(s)

I make every single recipe that I post on this site, but I’m wondering if I’m amongst the few that do. Over the last couple of months, I’ve tried several recipes posted by a couple of bloggers, and sometimes the recipes, and pictures of the output don’t match. So it got me wondering how many bloggers actually make the recipes that they post?

Tue., Mar 19 • 0 comment(s)

Oops! I was so busy eating these I didn't have time to take any pictures and I gave away most of them before I realized that I hadn't taken any pics of them. I was lucky enough to find one picture that I managed to take just as I was giving the last batch away.

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