It's a little known fact that Peanut Butter can be considered an aphrodisiac. Hey this is according to my grandmother. Hmmm maybe I should tell Kraft that this should be part their new marketing campaign.

Tue., May 28 • 0 comment(s)

Last week I participated in an extreme poverty initiative called Live Below the Line. It ran from April 29th to May 3rd, and the challenge was to live on $1.75 per day of food or $8.75 groceries for the week. My team was called Bloggers below the Line and together we raised $1,568, and I personally raised $320. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me I really appreciate it.

Mon., May 6 • 0 comment(s)

There is only one way to survive this challenge, I have to do it “Trini style” (no relation to Psy’s Gangnam style). I had to re-design my menu to include Roti in addition to rice. Shhh don't tell anyone that I love Roti.

Fri., May 3 • 0 comment(s)

Everyday 1.4 billion people around the world live off of $1.75 per day. Live Below The Line has issued a challenge to all Canadians to experience that kind of extreme poverty by spending only $1.75 a day on food and drink for 5 days. I'm showing my support, how are you?

Mon., Apr 29 • 0 comment(s)

Day one of the challenge is over. I'm hungry but thanks to Jeremy I have enough sparkle to keep me going for the rest of the week.

Mon., Apr 29 • 5 comment(s)

This week I'm participating in the Live Below the Line challenge. This is a global anti-poverty initiative which is trying to raise awareness for how a lot of people around the world live on $1.75 a day for their meals, and for the next 5 days I'm going to do just that.

Sun., Apr 28 • 6 comment(s)


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