June 2014

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Split pea fritters fried to a golden brown, served with either a tamarind or mango chutney. This is pholourie - a much-loved Trinidadian street food. The sight of these round golden brown fried balls take me back to a very happy time in my life. On a recent trip to Ghana I made these for my family and friends, a couple people asked for the recipe so this one's for you :) You're welcome!

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I'm in love, with a plantain. Well not a plantain specifically but rather the Ghanaian way of preparing fried plantain. Plantains, ginger, hot peppers, nutmeg and salt coating a plantain before deep frying - Akwaaba to Ghana my new love. This is an easy recipe to recreate at home if you're looking for a dish with a twist

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Warm weather = outdoor living with lots of good food, drink, grilling and summer salads. I’m not sure when summer will finally arrive in TO but I’ll be ready, with some great summer salads. With one apple and a handful of raisins here’s a great salad that’ll have hiding this from your guests cause you won't want to share.

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Warmer weather means open windows, and open windows bring in the sounds of the neighbourhood. One of the most common sounds of summer is the music from the ice cream truck as it slowly drives through the neighbourhood. It’s a universal sound that evokes happy memories of childhood, summer days and sweet treats in the hot sun. Today, I made one such treat from my past - soursop iced lollies - read on to find out what they are.