March 2014

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They're not the most attractive looking buns but they taste sooo with a hot cuppa tea. February was a tough month for me and my family, as my beloved grandma Ruby passed away. It's too fresh for me to write about her as yet so instead I've been cooking and re-connecting with memories from my youth.

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My first experience eating lamb was not a good one. Thankfully I’ve come a long way since then. My favourite way to eat lamb is in a stew and I love the flavours of Middle Eastern cooking so here's my take on a Moroccan lamb stew.

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I love fried chicken. There's something so satisfying about biting into that crispy, crunchy outer shell and getting to the tender, moist chicken below. I found this alternative "fried chicken recipe" that's oven baked with the same level of crunch. Hmmm excuse me while I take another bite. Crrrrunch!