February 2014

Grandma Ruby has 70 years of bread-making experience under her belt. She first taught me to make this basic white bread when I was only 10 years old. Her health has taken a turn for the worse, and it hurts because I can’t go to see her right now. So instead I bake – her favourite white bread.

Many relationship experts swear that one of the secrets to a successful relationship is to share meals with your significant other. However, don’t think that your tantalizing, romantic meal has to come from a red seal chef. I've prepared a helpful guide to create a restaurant style quality three-course meal right in the comfort of your own home. Happy Valentine's day!

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What is it about the smell of hot bread coming out of the oven that warms the cockles of my heart? In my version of heaven, the streets wouldn't be paved with gold, but rather lined with rows and rows of fresh hot bread of all different types and flavours. This Sunday I'm sharing another one of my favourites with you all - Enjoy!