January 2014

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This is a cranberry sauce that packs a chunky, orangey fruity punch. I first made it for thanksgiving to accompany our turkey, however we've since been using it on chicken, duck, pork and even fish. You're only a few ingredients away from a delicious homemade cranberry sauce.

How'd you like them apples? I've always want to say that on here and now I can. I took an old family recipe for mango chutney and turned into an apple chutney dish, because… I could. The result - a spicy, slightly peppery apple-y mouthful of goodness that I'm definitely going to make again.

Well the holidays are over but the baking's not done. Instead of focusing on sweets, I've gone back to basics and making more muffins and breads to keep us going through the winter. This week's offering is a apple sour cream muffin that packs a nice apple-y punch.

This is a delicious egg bread that is so soft and chewy, it reminds me a of a bread that Grandma Ruby used to make all the time. She used lots and lots of butter to keep her bread moist and chewy. While I'm still working on perfecting her recipe I keep making lots of challah bread instead.