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Warm weather = outdoor living with lots of good food, drink, grilling and summer salads. I’m not sure when summer will finally arrive in TO but I’ll be ready, with some great summer salads. With one apple and a handful of raisins here’s a great salad that’ll have hiding this from your guests cause you won't want to share.

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I'm in love, with a plantain. Well not a plantain specifically but rather the Ghanaian way of preparing fried plantain. Plantains, ginger, hot peppers, nutmeg and salt coating a plantain before deep frying - Akwaaba to Ghana my new love. This is an easy recipe to recreate at home if you're looking for a dish with a twist

This is one of those everything plus the kitchen sink kind of recipes. There is no right or wrong way to make this, I just used up whatever veggies were in the fridge to make a stir fry for the vegetarian at my house. If you make this recipe let me know I'm curious to see what you make for the vegetarian/vegans in your life.