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I'm in love, with a plantain. Well not a plantain specifically but rather the Ghanaian way of preparing fried plantain. Plantains, ginger, hot peppers, nutmeg and salt coating a plantain before deep frying - Akwaaba to Ghana my new love. This is an easy recipe to recreate at home if you're looking for a dish with a twist

How'd you like them apples? I've always want to say that on here and now I can. I took an old family recipe for mango chutney and turned into an apple chutney dish, because… I could. The result - a spicy, slightly peppery apple-y mouthful of goodness that I'm definitely going to make again.

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This is a cranberry sauce that packs a chunky, orangey fruity punch. I first made it for thanksgiving to accompany our turkey, however we've since been using it on chicken, duck, pork and even fish. You're only a few ingredients away from a delicious homemade cranberry sauce.