I made this soup on Christmas Eve, we wanted to have something pretty light before our traditionally heavy Xmas meal. I served it with some homemade bread and a nice hearty salad and it was just what the chef/doctor ordered. Thank you Laura for taking this pic of your creation :) Looks way better than mine.

Fri., Dec 28 • 0 comment(s)

My mother has been staying with me, and I haven't had time to photograph any of the foods that we've been making. She's very interested in everything that I've been learning, so I've been repeating a lot of my recipes and experimenting with a couple more that I'll blog about shortly. Today we made garlic oil which we used in a salad.

Thu., Dec 27 • 0 comment(s)

I'm not a huge lover of green beans, but I really liked the spiciness of this dish so I might be convinced to eat green beans a little more. I found this recipe, tried and loved it, so I'm encouraging you to give this a whirl as well.

Sat., Dec 8 • 1 comment(s)

We cook salmon at least once every 2 weeks, and it can get pretty boring repeating the same recipe over and over again. I made these medallions using 5 ingredients that I had at home. Super easy to make but lots of visual appeal.

Tue., Dec 4 • 0 comment(s)

I've been learning to cook lots of different fish. Fish I've seen at the supermarket, but haven't known how to prepare/cook it. This week chef taught us how to pair fish with different sauces and this was very well received at home. This recipe is now in constant rotation at my house.

Tue., Nov 27 • 0 comment(s)

I've made all sorts of potato salad before, but this was a new salad that I learned to make in my latest fish class. It's not a vegetarian salad so to share it at home, I left served the meat on the side. It made a great side with some steamed mussels.

Tue., Nov 20 • 0 comment(s)


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