I don't know about you but sometimes we don't get to all of the fruit in the fridge so when that happens I look for more inventive ways to use them up. This week we're absolutely bananas for banana bread.

Tue., Jul 23 • 0 comment(s)

What do you do when you have an abundance of zucchini? Well in my house we try lots of different recipes, and today I made zucchini bread. I was up pretty early this morning and while everyone else was asleep I made this and there's nothing that wakes people up like fresh zucchini bread baking.

Sat., Jul 20 • 0 comment(s)

Happy Canada Day! This summer we've been eating a lot of popsicles and in honour of Canada's 146th birthday I made these white and red treats for my family.

Mon., Jul 1 • 4 comment(s)

My father can't cook. About the only thing he can cook is boiled eggs, so in honour of Father's Day I've made fresh bread to go with his famous breakfast of hard-boiled eggs and jam. Happy Father's Day pops!

Sat., Jun 15 • 8 comment(s)

As the days get hotter, I find myself inspired to dig up old drink recipes as a great and refreshing way to beat the heat. This peanut based drink is a popular drink in the caribbean and widely enjoyed by both young and old.

Tue., Jun 4 • 9 comment(s)

We eat a lot of granola and muesli at home. I usually get bored with it so I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate it into my diet. I recently received 7 different Dorset Cereals products to try so I made muesli bars following a recipe I found on their website.

Thu., May 30 • 0 comment(s)


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