That's a wrap!

Tomorrow is the last of the Creative Plate Presentation course, and it was the most intense course that I have taken since I first started to take these courses. It has pushed me to reach beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I hadn’t expected that when I signed up for this course.  

At my last fish class, I was asked about my reasons for taking these classes. My classmate wanted to know if I felt that I was learning anything because she said it’s obvious that I can cook. Yes, I can cook but like most people I tended to stick to families of veggies that I know, and meats that I can cook. From time to time, I’d try new things, but it wasn’t as often as I wanted.

Since I started taking these courses I’ve learnt A LOT.  I’ve learnt so much about myself, and how far I can push myself in my desire to succeed.

So that got me thinking, about other people’s reasons for taking these classes. Do they take classes because they want to learn how to cook, or do they take classes because they want to become a better home cook?

I’m doing this because there is something innately satisfying about creating a meal from scratch, putting it in front of someone, and watching them enjoy every single bite.  I struggle with finding the right words to explain the high that I get from watching this. It feels natural and just right – in the kitchen I never get tired, bored or run out of inspiration. 

While I’m working on bring my dream into even greater clarity, I’m going to keep taking classes, posting recipes and documenting my journey on this path.  I am going to keep visualizing and asking for what I want so I can receive what is intended for me.

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