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So last week I showed you what Chef made, this week I had to create my interpretation of his dishes. We had to bring in some plates from home so that we could practice plating on dishes that we were most familiar with.  I know that I'm a pretty good cook, but I surprised myself with my ability to prepare a technically difficult dish, and plate it in a style that would be servable at a major Michelin start restaurant. I'm expecting to improve week over week so it'll be interesting to see how I evolve over the next couple of weeks. With every course my confidence and skill levels are increasing, and I'm still feeling really good about the direction that I'm heading in. 

Beef Tartare with Quail Egg

Quenelle of Beef Tartare minus the beet foam (My foam started to separate, so I left it off the plate.

Cured Napoleon

Cured Salmon Napoleon with Fennel Threads, Asparagus and Saffron Foam

Iced Crabmeat 

Poached Tomato Parcels on Iced Crabmeat

Until next week.

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