So what did you do this summer?

I've done a LOT of cooking this summer so I've pulled together this pictoral essay of some of my favourites. Enjoy!

It started with this Tortiere; 


Then I learnt how to make this Classic Seafood Newburg;

Seafood Newburg; Lobster, Shrimp

And this wonderful Moroccan Lamb Stew;

Lamb Stew with almonds and raisins

After which I learnt how to filet and wet-smoke a salmon;

Cured Smoked Salmon

Then I was crowned Queen of the Grill for my delicious beef ribs.

Beef Ribs

and it was all thanks to this man. 

Chef Chauvin and Moi

Have a great rest of summer Chef and enjoy your trini pepper sauce :)!

Copyright © 2012, Olive & Ruby. All rights reserved.

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