Really, it's not just a salad!

In Week 2 Creative Plate presentation lab, I was once again challenged to interpret chef's dish and turn it into something that I would confidently serve at a dinner party.  After I watching chef prepare his dish in class #3 I went home, re-created the dish, and mapped out my game plan for the week #4. On the right, is the presentation that I created at home, and served for dinner on Sunday night. I'm showing this dish, because I had serious technical problems when I tried to re-create my dish in class.

Goat Cheese Coin on Focaccia Crisp

Goat Cheese Coin on Focciacia Crisp with Roasted Peppers & Greens dressed in mustard seed vinagrette. This is chef's dish.

Goat Cheese Mediallion

Goat Cheese Coin with Kalamata Olive crisp with Heirloom Tomatoes & mustard vinagrette. This is my dish.

The balsamic glaze that my cooking partner split shortly after plating, and it totally ruined my dish. It also didn't help that I burnt the focciacia crisp so between those two elements the dish was ruined. Sigh! I wish it had turned out perfectly.  I've posted it here to show how the best laid plans don't always work out. As you can see, the Balsamic glaze is just runny and looked like crap some 5 mins after it was on the plate. I asked chef what could I do to save the dish, and he said to me - it was a do over. There's no clean way to pick up the runny glaze. Arrrggghhhh!!!!!! All those hours of prepping and cooking for this. I was so unimpressed. I plated my second dish using the same glaze so that dish was also ruined as well. I plated the two dishes at the same time and ran the glaze over both before I realized what was going on.

Balsamic Glaze Fail

Individual Portion of Goat Cheese and Roasted peppers with runny balsamic glaze

Prosciutto wrapped figs with runny balsamic

Roasted Mission Fig with Marscapone Foam wrapped in Prosciutto on Arugula greens 

This is what my dish was supposed to look like. Oh well now I'll just have to make this again for dinner. Let me know when you'd like to come so that I can start whipping the marscapone.  Until next week!

Roasted Black Mission Figs with Prosciutto Roasted Mission Figs

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