This is not my mother's cereal - Dorset Cereals Review

Please note: The Dorset Cereals products used in this post were provided to me by Dorset Cereals. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. The opinions/review of the products are entirely my own (Rhonda of Olive & Ruby).

Breakfast has always been a big deal at my house, so when Dorset Cereals asked for 10 Canadian food bloggers to do a blogathon, review their cereals, and write a blog post about the experience I knew this was the task for me. I look at their website, the content of their cereals, the work that they are doing within the community, and immediately signed up.  They sent over 7 full sized samples, so being the keener that I am, I tried all but one.

Dorset Cereal Product Line up

When I lived at home, I was never allowed us to leave home in the morning without having breakfast. For as long as I can remember, my mother was firm in her resolve that no child of hers was ever going to start the day on an empty stomach. That would have been okay except my brother and I suffered with what she considered a healthy weekday breakfast. 

We weren't like other families who loved their kids and gave them cereal with copious amounts of high fructose, corn syrup, dextrose and food colouring  - you know the kind that came with neat pictures of tigers, or little green men with little marshmallows.

Nooooo, my parents didn’t love us like that; instead we ate my mother’s cereal. Who feeds their kid twigs and berries topped with wheat germ? Geez, it’s a wonder I had any friends.  There was no negotiating with her on this - protestations of slow and painful death were generally met with a deadpan, Stop being so dramatic you’ll thank me for this later.

According to mother, a good breakfast was essential to get started for the day. With a full stomach, we could pay attention in class, which ultimately meant good grades - and she was all about the good grades. While I didn’t appreciate the lectures about breakfast back then, as I’ve gotten older I’ve certainly come to value the importance of having breakfast to start my day off right.

Dorset Cereal Honey Granola

Now I’ve gotta admit I took a break from the high fibre cereals when I left home, but once I left my twenties (moment of silence for that) I found my way back to high fibre cereals on my own terms. Heck, I even started making my own granola and muesli, much to my husband’s and mother's delight.  It’s taken me 20 years to say but about this she was right - breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

Since I’ve started food blogging, I’ve been cooking and baking a lot more, so I’ve been trying to load up on fibre rich foods in the morning so I’m less tempted to snack on empty calories before lunch, so I like Dorset Cereal mueslis.  They have raisins, toasted oat flakes, dates, sunflower seeds, toasted coconut and chopped hazelnuts that contained no added sugar, but have a hint of sweetness that I like when I’m having cereal.  

Dorset Cereal High Fibre Breakfast

While I liked all of the mueslis, the two that I enjoyed the most for breakfast were the super high fibre and simply nutty mueslis as another great breakfast option. The combination of almonds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, dates and malt and toasted flakes kept me pretty full during the morning.  Over the course of the last 6 weeks, I tried all of the cereals for breakfast, and these were the ones that I liked the most. 

Dorset Cereal simply nutty breakfast

After trying them plain, I began to use them in different ways.  I made a yogurt parfait with the honey granola cereal. I’ve been trying to have healthier desserts, so I’ve been eating more yogurt and fruit. I added a ¼ cup of honey granola to that snack, and really enjoyed the the crunchiness of the granola, with the cool creaminess of the yogurt and the sweet tang of the fruit. It’s definitely a healthier substitute than ice cream and fruit crumble.  

Dorset Cereal honey granola

During the week, we are both so busy rushing off to work that there’s not a lot of time spent on breakfast. On the weekends though it’s a different story. Weekends are meant for leisurely breakfasts, or brunches with fresh-baked bread and muffins.  With the Dorset Cereal super nutty Muesli, I made a Muesli Bread which we scarfeddown enjoyed for breakfast a couple of Sundays. Each time I made this I’d hope that were enough leftovers for us to make french toast but it never happened. 

Dorset Cereal Simply Nutty Muesli

I also took a chance and made some super cranberry, cherry & almond muesli bars which were really, really, really good. These also didn’t last as long as I’d have liked.

Dorset Cereals Super Cranberry Cherry and Almond recipe

My husband likes oatmeal cookies,  so I tend to whip up a batch a couple times a month. One time, I substituted the fruits, nuts & seeds muesli for oatmeal and voila - new muesli cookies were born. Hey these were well loved - I think next time I’ll throw some chocolate chips into the mix and see how those turn out.

Dorset Cereal fruits, nuts and seeds muesli

The only product that I didn’t use was the simply delicious muesli because I’m sending that to my mother. I really enjoyed all of these products, and I loved the versatility that I had with them.  I’ll probably still continue to make my granola regularly because I enjoy it, but I will certainly add Dorset Cereal Mueslis to my shopping list from time to time. Thank you Dorset Cereals!

Please note: The Dorset Cereals products used in this post were provided to me by Dorset Cereals. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. The opinions/review of the products are entirely my own so please don't bother to sue me.


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Marlene's picture

I really enjoyed your post, Rhonda! Loved the sense of humour, as well as seeing all the great things you made with the Dorset cereals. I really enjoyed trying them as well. Good luck in the draw, and to me too - wouldn't it be nice if they decided to draw two names and picked us both!Hylati

Rhonda's picture

Thanks a lot Marlene. It was great to do this wasn't it. I would really like it as well if they would pick us both. I really enjoyed your post as well and I really like that loaf you made :)

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