Morning Musings

My two grandmothers’ taught me to cook, and their names were Olive and Ruby, hence the name of my blog. They put a lot of love into their creations, and they’ve been very influential women in my life. In my quest to make this blog “perfect”, and to tell witty and engaging stories that attract millions (in my dreams), thousands (would be great), hundreds (ecstasy) okay tens (I hope!) to read about my culinary experiences, I seem to have lost the plot a bit.


In my professional life, I’m very successful. Over the years, I have demanded and earned a lot of respect in my profession because I’m good at what I do. Going down this path, I’m not confident because I am terrified of failing. Yup shit-faced terrified!


This is such a personal journey for me, one that I’ve attached my grandmothers’ names to, so I’ve been fighting trying to control this outcome. However, so much of it is out of my control, and out of control is not something I do well, hence the sheer and abject terror.


There are a lot of well-meaning people in my life, who have been very helpful in keeping me motivated by offering me advice. Some of it has made sense to me, and some of it feels like I’m wearing someone else’s shoes. Have you ever tried to wear someone else’s shoes? It's not the best feeling, isn't it.


To succeed I have to do this my way, and if I fail then I can say I did everything that I could. There is no quick fix for making this transition. All of successful food bloggers that I’ve read have all said it takes a couple of years of slogging away to make it in this business. So I’m in it for the long haul, and I’m gonna do it the only way I know how. I gotta do me, the best way that I know how.

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