Mise en Place

Mise en place (pronounced miz on plas) is a French phrase used, in professional kitchens, to refer to the organization and arrangement of ingredients that a cook will require to complete menu items during a shift. It literally means “everything in place” or putting in place. Taken from Wikipedia
This spring I signed up for 2 classes, on Monday and Tuesday nights. Those are long days, as I leave home at 7am for my day job, then come home around 11pm after class. I thought that I would have given up part way in the semester, but I haven’t missed one class as yet.
There is a vast difference between the recipes and techniques between the first level course and these new courses. These recipes are considerably more sophisticated, and the class moves at a pace that presumes all have more than a beginner’s level of ability.
We’ve started tonight with 26 students, and based on the grumbles of disbelief after reviewing the semester’s recipes it’ll be intriguing to see how many make it to the end.
I’m exactly where I need to be. Mise en place!

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