Longing for a bowl of soup, Trini chicken soup

When I’m feeling sick, a hot, steaming bowl of chicken soup is the one thing that’ll get me out of bed when all else fails. Well today I’m feeling really sick, and there’s no one here to make me some homemade Trinidadian chicken soup. It differs from North American chicken soup because it’s filled with lots of root vegetables (ground provisions), carrots, pumpkin, chicken and dumplings.


Trini Ground provision     Vegetables


Every spoonful is a delight because you’re never sure what you’re going to scoop up every time you put your spoon in. Today, right now, I would give anything to have my mother or Grandma Ruby make me some of that soup. Why oh why do they live so far away? I could call over to my brother’s, but I’m 100% confident that I’d be fresh out of luck. So instead of having some of this


Trini Soup - Chicken


Excuse me, but I’ve got to haul my butt outta bed to get some of this.


Campbells Soup

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