It's been a while but I'm back

I had the best intention of blogging every couple of days over the last month of two, but I had some stuff happen in life that took me off course for a while, and then I went away on vacation to Italy and Spain.

While I was there I had all intentions of blogging every couple of days, but to be honest I was too busy eating, drinking, walking and sleeping to stop and organize my thoughts in a coherent manner for my blog. So after a really long hiatus, I’m back and I solemnly swear not to let so much time pass again between blog posts. The good news is that I have so much content that I’ll be blogging very frequently over the next couple of weeks. Here, are a couple of food highlights from my trip to Spain.

First up, we visited a lovely vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Teresa Carles. I'm a meat eater to say that I was not looking forward to this meal was a gross understatement but I embraced the adventure and was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant can be found just off of Las Ramblas and it was beautifully decorated inside and much to my surprise the food was really quite good. There were a lot of dishes on the menu and here's what we enjoyed.


Teresa Carles

In addition to having a full service kitchen, the restaurant also has a salad and "fast food" counter. We saw some of the salads and cold plates come from this area. 

Restaurant Interior

I "borrowed" this image of the interior seating area from Tripadvisor because my image looked really blurry. This gives you a good idea of what the interior space looks like.

Vegetable Tempura

For appetizers I ordered Vegetable Tempura mainly because it was all I could recognize on the menu :)


While Mark ordered the Gazapacho shown above.

Seitan Burger

For my main, I chickened out and ordered the Best darn Veggie burger I've ever had. It was made with Seitan and it was suprisingly good, and yhey served it with an organic ecologically friendly ketchup. Who knew that such a thing existed? I inhaled it and i'm proud to say I really didn't share any of my dish with Mark despite his begging. 

Veg Dish

He had this. Whatever that was? He claimed it tasted great but I wasn't so sure, cause he kept trying to have some of my burger and fries.  We also had dessert but we inhaled it before we could take a picture of it but trust me it was good. 


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