Giving thanks for traditions

A sit down dinner in my family means preparing dinner for 12. Now we’re not the Waltons but over the years we’ve become a large family after you add kids, husbands and significant others. With that many people we make lots of different dishes to accommodate the pickiest eaters.

A couple years ago I brought a Southern style cornbread that everyone loved so I've been making it over and over again. About 6 months ago I retired it but this Thanksgiving I decided to bring it out of retirement and surprise my family with an old faithful.

Last Sunday, I was standing in my kitchen pulling down the ingredients for the cornbread and wishing I could do something different, when a recipe for an Avocado Cornbread came into my inbox from Food 52.  If that’s not the universe delivering what I’ve asked for, I don’t know what that is! I didn’t have the avocado that the recipe required but pshaw I wasn’t about to let that stop me from making this delicious savoury cornbread.

Cumin Cornbread

I was intrigued with the other ingredients, like ground cumin, which I use quite a bit but would have never, thought of adding to a cornbread. Armed with my trusty lodge skillet I set off to make this avocado cornbread without the avocado, after all no one would really know that it was missing.

Savoury Cornbread

The author of this recipe calls it a cornbread with a personality. I’m not sure that I would have called it that but it’s definitely not the typical cornbreads that I make. The spices definitely give it a distinctive punch so it’s best to be eaten with a hearty stew or gravy that will complement the spiciness.

 Savoury Cornbread

I was a little worried that it wasn’t going to be well received but everyone including the kids loved it and went back for seconds.  We try not to make the same dishes year after year, but it’s hard because once we find something everyone will eat, it’s on repeat over and over again. 

Guess what I’ve been asked to bring to the next family dinner? Check out my version of the recipe over here

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