Fast Dinners in under an hour

Some days I'm so tired it's all I can do to come home, make dinner, take some pictures, drink 1 or 2 glasses of wine, then head to bed.

Since I started the blog, this has been my life, and as I ramp up my blogging activities it feels as if I've got 2 jobs - my day job which is very demanding, and then my night job where I'm trying to devour as much information as I can on food and food blogging. It feels like I'm constantly trying to catch up on my sleep, and my brain is constantly racing, and when I do got to bed, I barely sleep. 

I know that this is worth it, so I keep charging forward.

This is tonight's very hastily prepared dinner which took about 50 mins to make - from prep to cooking. It tasted great and photographed really well. Excuse me while I catch up on some sleep I'll post the recipes for this sometime over the next couple of days.

Tomorrow I'm going to take some personal photography lessons to improve the quality of pictures that I post and sometime over the next couple of days, I've got to get to the gym to start training for a 5k that I'm doing in May.

It's busy times over at Olive & Ruby - we're trying to make BIG things happen!


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