Culinary Inspiration

Well I’m back at school again. Yay!!!!! For the next 6 weeks I’m taking a Creative Plate presentation class at George Brown College. The focus here is not on cooking but doing more restaurant quality presentation. Every other week chef cooks, and demonstrates the techniques that he wants us to repeat the week after.  


This semester I have the tremendous privilege of being taught by Jeff Dueck who is the Executive Sous Chef at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). The work that Chef Dueck produces is art, edible art. I only hope that I can even part way replicate some of the dishes that Chef Dueck has shown. 


Beef Tartare

Quenelle of Beef Tartare with Herb Crisp and Beet Foam


Cured Salmon Napoleon

Cured Salmon Napoleon with Fennel Threads, Asparagus and Saffron Foam 


Poached Tomato Crabmeat


Poached Tomato Parcels on Iced Crabmeat with Tarragon Tea Emulsion


Check back next week to see how my creations measure up against Chef Dueck's. 

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