Baking Arts 1 - The first class

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be blogging about what I prepare in class each week. I'm gong to try to make these posts a little more picture intensive, and from time to time I'll post the recipes. Since this is the first week of the basic program we didn't do any baking.

I rushed downtown for 8:30am only to be told that class was going to start an hour late because some of the students needed to go to get their uniforms.  It would have been great to know this ahead of time because that's sleeping #justsayin. After everyone got their uniforms, changed and got to their stations, it was 9:45am.

Chef then showed us the tools that we would be using for this course. 

Baking Arts 1 - Week 1

Thank god, I have most of these. 

After that, she walked around the room and showed us all of the equipment that we would be using over the next 14 weeks.

This was the oven. Mr Li, you've got to help me figure out how to get one of these in my house. Do I really need insurance?  Can you believe it but this oven has shelves that rotate? Rotating shelves, I looked at my oven with total disgust when I got home. 

Baking Arts 1 - Week 1

In this pic, Chef was warning us about how hot the oven gets. We were cautioned about resting our hands on any of the shelves  - as if I'd be so crazy?

Then we learned how to work the mixer. Great news, there's one mixer for 2 students. My baking partner and I know each other so there'll be no fighting over who gets to work the machine. It's obvious - I will!

Baking Arts Week 1

The soon-to-be hard working Hobart

Look at all of the flour and other ingredients neatly lined up and waiting for us to use. 

Baking Arts Week 1

Chef also showed us all of the equipment at our station. After that, she talked about sanitation and the importance of keeping your station clean. The school is obsessive about sanitation, and I thought I was before, but I'm even more so now. 

After that Chef showed us how to make pie dough, and then she sent us home. We were done by 11:15am.

Next week - we're making Apple Pie, my favourite.

See ya then. 


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I need one of those Hobarts :D

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