We are on a bread making roll – pun intended – here at Olive and Ruby. It’s been a tough couple of weeks at work, and nothings more liberating that coming home and kneading all of my stress away. On lazy days, and yup I have them, I love the ease of a good no-knead bread recipe. Add some olives and you've got a bread worthy of any high end bakery.

Ever since my trip to Paris last fall, my love affair with rustic breads has grown exponentially and I'm trying really hard to make sure that waistline isn't growing at the same pace as well. I've been trying to perfect a basic rustic bread recipe and so far, so good. Goodbye French bakery, hello oven - okay i'm not quite there yet.

For today's Sunday bread I made a cross between a cornbread and a sweet raisin bread and whoa, it's packed with flavour. We really enjoyed the taste of cornmeal with the sweet raisins, without the heaviness and density of a regular cornbread. I'd make this again with one slight change, I'd change the type of dish that I'd bake it in, because I ended up with a larger, flatter bread that I'd intended.