Well I’m back at school again. Yay!!!!! For the next 6 weeks I’m taking a Creative Plate presentation class at George Brown College. The focus here is not on cooking but doing more restaurant quality presentation. Every other week chef cooks, and demonstrates the techniques that he wants us to repeat the week after. Can you say intense?

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I feel like I've lost the plot a bit and I'm trying to get myself back on track. It's easier said than done, on this very personal journey. In my professional life, I’m very successful, but in this journey I'm really terrified of failing. Yup shit-faced terrified, and I'm not really sure why.

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One of the girls on my team returned today from her honeymoon and she went to Italy and Barcelona. We went out for lunch today, and as she spoke about her trip and talked about all of places that she ate, it just brought back absolutely fabulous memories of my first trip to Barcelona - the food, the sites, and the food. Sigh!

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When I’m feeling sick, a hot, steaming bowl of chicken soup is the one thing that’ll get me out of bed when all else fails. Today I was feeling sick and homesick and there was no one here to make me some soup the way that my grandmother used to make. I'm feeling a little sorry for myself.

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Italy did a job on me. I fell in love, and now I’m itching to go back. It was my first time there and although I spent 12 days there I could have stayed longer. I'm starting to plan our next trip and I'm trying to figure out how I can include Rome as a layover stop on our way to the Caribbean.

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I had the best intention of blogging every couple of days over the last month of two, but I had some stuff happen in life that took me off course for a while, and then I went away on vacation to Italy and Spain. I had a great time and re-capped my adventures here.

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