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When we first moved into this house I was in a hurry to decorate. We moved two apartments into one house, so after much culling – mainly his things – and purchasing new shiny things, we arrived at a style that makes our place feel like home. But our style has since evolved, and I want to make some changes, so after much procrastinating I'm pulling up my big girl boots and getting started.

I've been super busy this summer. I've been given some added responsibilities at work so it's meant longer hours, which has translated to less blogging. Despite this, I've been trying to keep up with my Ice Cream Sundays series and have succeeded for the most part. I was thrilled to receive this book to review and agreed because 1) I'm very curious about Paleo and for a while considered doing it, and 2) it fit very neatly into my Ice cream series. So here are my thoughts...

This summer I’ve been helping a good friend get her son ready for university. He's going to school in Ottawa and like many others he’s moving into residence, so based on advice from lots of sources and a whole lotta mom common sense they came up with a list that they used to get him ready for school and I thought I'd share it with you :)