October 2013

So I made an avocado cornbread without avocado AND I put cumin and cayenne pepper in it. Last Sunday we celebrated Canadian thanksgiving by doing what we do best, preparing more food than we probably should and giving thanks for the fact that we could. This cornbread had the pickiest eaters at our table asking for seconds and thirds (yes I'm calling you out Sheldon). My family of 12 devoured it and sent me back home with a clean pan and a request to please make more and perhaps this time put the avocado in it.

This cornbread was supposed to be an avocado and cumin cornbread, but I didn't have any avocado or fresh corn on the cob, so I did what I do best, I improvised. No one that I served it to too knew what was supposed to be in it. I won't tell, if you don't.

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It was a busy weekend here at Casa Olive and Ruby. There were two birthdays to celebrate in 3 days and a whole lotta cooking, eating, dancing and laughing. To get the weekend kicked off right I made a banana cake with some bananas I had kicking around in the freezer. I iced it with some cream cheese frosting and it never left the house to make it to the party. Oooops!